Our team

The people at aequa-tech are all academic researchers who hold a PhD or are about to obtain one. We have competencies in Natural Language Processing, Network Science, and Data Visualization. Our main objective for funding aequa-tech is to create fair AI solutions that are human-centered and respond to real-world problems.

Marco Stranisci


Computational Linguist

Researcher in NLP and Semantic Web

Alessandra Teresa Cignarella

PhD in Computational Linguistics

Researcher in NLP, Corpora and Data Analysis

Mirko Lai

PhD in Computer Science

Researcher in NLP and Network Science

Simona Frenda

PhD in Computational Linguistics

NLP Researcher, passionate about Inclusive AI

Alessandra Urbinati

PhD in Computer Science

Researcher in Network and Data Analysis

Arthur Capozzi

Computer Scientist

Expert in Network Analysis and Data Science

People who collaborate with us

Friends of aequa-tech

We sponsor a series of fellowships called “friends of aequa-tech” intending to support researchers (PhD students, postdocs, etc…) during a one-shot collaboration with us. The collaboration is held at any given time, is mostly conducted through online interactions, and stems from a mutual research interest and from the researcher’s enthusiasm towards a given topic.
Currently, the friends of aequa-tech are:

Silvia Casola

PhD in Natural Language Processing

Silvia’s work focuses on Natural Language Generation and summarization in particular, bringing the experience from her PhD studies.

Marta Marchiori Manerba

PhD Student in AI for Society

Marta’s research focus is on experimenting with explainability and fairness lenses to evaluate NLP applications.

Soda Marem Lo

PhD Student in Computer Science

Marem explores the correlation between human label variation when annotating a highly subjective phenomenon of the language, and annotators’ moral values.

Internships at aequa-tech

We have an ongoing collaboration with the University of Turin and we host interns from different departments.
The students who have collaborated with us are

Adele Tabbia

Is a master’s student in Economy and Statistics for the Organizations (University of Turin) who built a Web News Descriptor Module for Debunker Assistant during a curricular internship with us.


Arianna Longo

Is a master’s student in Language Technologies and Digital Humanities (University of Turin). She developed a corpus for the identification of vulnerable entities in the news. 

Vittoria Tonini

Is a master’s student in Language Technologies and Digital Humanities (University of Turin). She developed a linguistic resource for the identification of counter-narratives in social media. 

Efsa Tortuk

Is a master’s student at Mersin University (Turkey). During her Erasmus+ traineeship, she worked on the front-end web development of aequa-tech’s Debunker Assistant.

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