Our products

At aequa-tech we pioneer AI solutions for combating online misinformation, fostering digital literacy, and empowering users in content moderation against any kind of discrimination. Our product lineup harnesses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing technologies and Network Analysis research.



Debunker-Assistant is an application that allows users and newspapers to assess the trustworthiness of a news item starting from its headline, body of text, and URL. The Debunker-Assistant adapts ideas from Natural Language Processing and Network Science to counter the spread of online misinformation. Its centerpiece is a set of four News Misinformation Indicators based on linguistically engineered features, models, and network analysis metrics (Echo Effect, Alarm Bell, Sensationalism, and Reliability).
The beta version of Debunker Assistant has been developed thanks to the support of NGI Search.


Annotation Platform

A great part of Natural Language Processing methodologies is based on the availability of textual annotated corpora. At aequa-tech we find that “quality is as important as quantity” and we believe in a human-centric perspective. For these reasons, we are now developing a new Annotation Platform that will be equipped with all the characteristics needed from researchers in NLP and other adjacent research areas.


Offensive Language
Moderator Tool

One branch of aequa-tech’s research team is devoted to the monitoring of online dangerous phenomena such as Hate Speech via Natural Language Processing techniques and processes. In this line of research, we are currently developing a tool that will help users and citizens to moderate the content they see online and that will provide a useful asset for the moderation of offenses, discrimination, and harassment in the digital space.

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