What does “aequa-tech” mean?

The name aequa-tech derives from the fusion of the Latin adjective aequus, meaning fair, just, and impartial, with the abbreviated form of the English word technology. Aequa-tech stands as an innovative startup founded by a passionate group of young tech enthusiasts deeply aware of social issues. Our mission is to develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Network Analysis (NA) tools that embody inclusivity, fairness, and transparency, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of what their background or social status might be.

Which services does aequa-tech provide?

Aequa-tech’s team is composed of experts in Natural Language Processing, Data Analysis, Network Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Our services include: sentiment analysis, identification of fake news and online misinformation, automatic moderation of user-generated content, textual analytics. We adhere to a human-centric philosophy, actively listening to the client’s needs and crafting tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements.

What is Debunker-Assistant and who can benefit from it?

Debunker Assistant is an advanced AI tool designed to aid news organizations, freelance journalists, and citizens in analyzing and identifying online disinformation. Simply by inputting the link of a news article (via a straightforward copy-paste of the URL), our tool generates clear and comprehensible indicators that visualize the news profile, facilitating a deeper understanding of the article's characteristics. The system leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Network Analysis (NA) models for its robust functionality.

Why did we found aequa-tech?

In the age of the industrial technological revolution, Artificial Intelligence and NLP products are still exclusive tools used by few. Only a limited number of large companies have the resources at their disposal to invest in effective NLP solutions. We introduce ourselves in this context by proposing a special focus on people who are often ignored by the AI world and who are most discriminated against in the digital environment. We pay special attention to the richness generated by diversity not only in the development process of our automated systems but also in their purposes of real impact, to improve the quality of life of workers by ensuring a safe and inclusive space.


Do we have a physical location?

No. The registered office is Via Quarello 15/a, 10135, Turin, Italy. But at aequa-tech we all work remotely. The forecast for 2025/2026 is to have a physical office located in Turin, but we will see in the future. Stay tuned!

How do we work?

In aequa-tech, task management is not rigidly structured, allowing each individual to manage their work independently. Each project is led by a "team leader", and weekly online meetings are held to coordinate common objectives and the parallel development of the code. The success of projects is linked to enthusiasm, which is considered a key element. aequa-tech promotes resourcefulness and encourages collaboration for the creation of new projects. While respecting urgent deadlines, each collaborator is granted full autonomy.

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