About us

aequa-tech /ˈekwa ˈtek / is an innovative start-up formed by a group of young technology enthusiasts with a great sensitivity concerning the issue of digital disparity.
That is why we aim to create NLP tools within the reach of everyone.
In the age of the industrial technological revolution, Artificial Intelligence and NLP products are still exclusive tools used by few. Only a limited number of large companies have the resources at their disposal to invest in effective NLP solutions.

We propose a special focus on people who are ignored by the AI world and who are discriminated against in the digital environment.

We pay special attention to the richness generated by diversity not only in the development process of our automated systems but also in their purposes of real impact, to improve the quality of life of workers by ensuring a safe and inclusive space.

Our goal is to ensure an equitable space

Inside aequa-tech we rely on the principles of inclusiveness and equity, developing our cutting-edge technologies and products to provide them to everyone, on an equal starting point, regardless of social position or background. Our goal is to ensure an equitable space for technological growth for all individuals.

Our core values are


Inside aequa-tech we embrace and value diversity, creating an environment where all individuals are provided with equal opportunities.


The FAIR guiding principles (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability) inspire us at aequa-tech for developing our core services and for scientific data management.


As academic researchers and entrepreneurs, we aim at making AI processes more human-oriented and transparent, for a better understanding of how AI-based services reach their decisions.


We believe that only through meeting new people and different realities we can grow as a company.

Communication & Conversation

At aequa-tech we have weekly meetings, communication channels are always open, and we encourage brainstorming sessions.

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